VJMC – Vintage Japanese Motorcycle Club…Leinster Section

The VJMC Leinster Section was established in the Republic of Ireland in 2009 and held its first meeting early in 2010.  
The section is referred to as the Leinster section as the practicalities of meeting up and Sunday rideouts dictate that people will only travel a certain distance to get to a Sunday morning meeting point.
The Vintage Japanese Motorcycle Club (VJMC) is a long established club of worldwide notoriety and is a club for anybody who has an interest in Japanese bikes 15 years old or more.The club has sections in approximately nine countries.


VJMC Leinster’s first meeting was in April 2010 at which five bikes turned up! Since then things have grown steadily and peaked at over thirty bikes for one bike meeting, which in itself was akin to a mini bike show as you just don’t see these machines on a day to day basis.  There are currently over 400 people on our member’s e-mail list and country wide there is a huge interest in Vintage Japanese Bikes. 
 Members interest is wide and varied in relation to the bikes, everything from Honda 50’s to rare RC30’S, Katanas, GT750 Kettles, CBX1000’s, GSXR’S the list goes on……..

honda 50 vjmc show



But there’s no snobbery ..if it’s a Japanese bike and 15 years old or more regardless of it’s condition the VJMC will welcome you with open arms! 

The 15 year age limit does not necessarily mean “old shonkers” as there are plenty of good bikes to choose from right up to the current cut off point of the year 2003 (this will increase to 2004 in 2019).
Given that the VJMC is a relatively new club (September 2009) things are going well.  It is hoped, the VJMC will continue to grow over the next few years.  The club managed to put on its 1st bike show on the 1st May 2011 where we had 160 show bikes in attendance. at The Silver Tankard in Kells.

The club has successfully run its second show on the 6th May 2012, again attracting in excess of 160 show bikes. The first indoor show at the National Show Centre in Swords was held in May 2013, the target of 300 show bikes was almost achieved and the show received positive reviews from all quarters.
The indoor shows have continued every year and the quality and diversity of bikes has grown year on year. Likewise the club has always looked to improve the show experience for visitors and exhibitors alike. Fresh faces and fresh ideas are always welcome for the organisation of the show, and whilst everyone loves to see a beautifully restored classic from their youth it is important and always welcome to see the less glamorous and still in use bikes.  We rely on members getting involved in the show and also to bring their pride and joy.

It would be hoped  it may be possible to establish a few more local VJMC Sections throughout the country in addition to the Leinster Section, the Munster Section and the Northern Ireland Section. 
The VJMC South West Section (Cork – Limerick – Kerry general area) has been established by Liam in Cork. So if anyone has an interest in starting a local section in other areas, ie  the West, North West, or Midlands of Ireland. Get in touch.

Dunboyne VJMC ride outs

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